Victor Ng

May 16, 2018

George and Lisa, his processor, are a dream team! They raise the bar when it comes to professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge.


Manuel Sanchez

April 27, 2018

All around job well done! George was always very helpful. Answering questions via text whenever possible. Couldn’t have had a better experience.


March 1, 2018

George was the best. He was efficient and personable as well.


Robert & Katherine Kilbride

February 16, 2018

George and Lisa are the best in the business at their jobs, and wonderful humans. Thank you! It was a smooth process, so much easier than we thought it would be.


Wanda Pires

February 1, 2018

George, we cannot thank you enough for always being available to speak to Avelino, from the very beginning of this process, until the end. You have exceeded our expectations and it has been a rocky road to get here, but you made it an easier road to travel. A call, a text or an email never went unanswered and were there to assist us, every step of the way.

Lisa, thank you for all of your efforts and working so diligently to expedite our process. From the moment you received documents, you were always so quick to get everything processed immediately.

We thank you both for your personalized attention in helping through very tedious task. It is always gratifying when you find individuals that are dedicated to providing excellent service and that is what you have done. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. We will definitely recommend you and Greenway Mortgage to our friends and family.


Ashley Shatkus

December 29, 2017

George and Lisa were great to work with. We had a difficult home sale transaction and they went above and beyond to make sure our
loan got expedited.


Noor Ahmed

I had a great experience. George and Lisa, his processor, were fabulous. George was patient with all my queries and cleared all my doubts. Got all information timely and accurately. I will definitely recommend to all my friends.


Victoria Perrotto

I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for us in the process of receive the loan and purchasing our new home. It was a long process and it took a lot of work but I must say the experience was very easy and you were there for every question or concern I had making me comfortable in moving forward. Again I truly want to thank you and I will be recommending you guys to my family and friends for future.

Thank you!!


Judi Stevenson-Garcia

I felt like all of my concerns and questions were always addressed. Lisa (the processor) and George were always available and very responsive. I felt well cared for and trusted them completely.


Vivek Selvaganapathy

I worked with George and Lisa on this. They were phenomenal and supported my needs at every step. They were very flexible in time and prompt in their responses. My attorney, title company and realtor were very impressed with the service that they said they will refer George and Lisa to their future clients as well. This was my first mortgage and I was very nervous that I might have to spend a lot of time after work on the process but George and Lisa made it so easy. It was indeed a great pleasure compared to the horrible closing stories I had heard from my friends who had other mortgage lenders.


Robert Carissimo

Greenway Mortgage was such a help throughout the process. George and Lisa are a great team and willing to go the extra mile. I couldn't have had a better experience. They were miles ahead compared to my previous experience with a different company.


Francesco Guarino

George's team was very competent and professional. Kept me updated and were very clear about the expectations and what I would need to provide and when. No major surprises. The processor who works with George, Lisa, was awesome. I would definitely do business with them again on my next investment. Thank you!


Wanda Dillon

"Greenway helped me after I had a horrible experience with another loan provider who refused to honor a lock rate agreement and was trying to do a switch and bait in terms of the previously agreed agreement. I was basically without a loan provider a week before the closing after I had to walk away from that loan provider. Greenway had to come in prepare everything to get me ready for closing. Throughout the process with Greenway, I was able to noticed that many things had either not been done or done incorrectly by the previous loan provider. Greenway was PROFESSIONAL and explained everything.

I have recommended Greenway to all my friends and credit union.

Greenway saved the day and made my dream of home ownership a reality without ripping me off!"


Lakeasha Carter

"George and Lisa are awesome and helped to make the home buying experience less stressful. They were
knowledgeable and supportive from beginning to end."


JamieLynn Cicchetti

George F. and Lisa M. made this process an absolute breeze! Even when out of office they were there to answer every question I had. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make my process easy!


Stella Cicchetti

I always felt that I received honest information and in a timely manner. I had no doubt that I made the right decision to refinance through Greenway!


Rich and Tara Moore

We would like to personally thank George and Lisa for all your hard work over the last two months. We closed this afternoon! U-haul arrives tomorrow, we pack up our stuff, and off we go into the process of turning our house into a home.

You helped provide us with the best gift we could ask for during the holiday season. Thank you again!


Luis Nascimento

George and Lisa were by far the greatest individuals to work with. George was always available either by phone, email,text and Lisa always answered her emails after hours or on weekends, if needed. George was very patient with all of my questions and answered them all with great expertise. A truly great experience and I thank them both from the bottom ofmy heart.


Ishvinder Pannu

It was a pleasure working with Greenway Mortgage, especially George Ferreira and Lisa McCaughey! Big thanks to you guys for your professionalism and making the mortgage process so smooth and easy! Will definitely use your services next time!


Maryann Garr, GRI, SFR

I've had my Real Estate License for over 25 years. I've had many dealings with many lenders. I would like to formally thank George Ferreira and his team at Greenway Mortgage Funding Corp. for the terrific service I received with a personal transaction. I had a very tough deadline to meet (before the end of the year, which incorporated a couple of holidays) and George not only met but exceeded the time crunch by 2 weeks - closing on 12/16! I would like to express my complete and total satisfaction with the services provide by George & entire staff. He is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services to anyone, whenever the opportunities arises.



As we were in final stages of closing, Happy, excited to move into our new house we got a biggest shock of our lives our mortgage lender, one of the bigger banks, at very last moment denied our mortgage for a pretty foolish reason. At that moment, we were in deepest shock. Fortunately got the contact of George Ferreira and Greenway Mortgage. From the moment I spoke with George, not only he gave us confidence to close on the house but assurance that loan will be closed. After submitting the necessary documents, the whole mortgage team was swift to process necessary documents, get approvals, and get inspections done on the house. In each step, there was a clear communication, expected time given to process certain things, which gave us confidence that things are moving in right direction. In merely seven days, from the first call, we received the approval on loan and in ten days we closed on house. We were really impressed with George and his team. They gave us the same rate what bigger banks were offering, absolutely no difference. The process was extremely smooth and stress free. I would highly recommend George and his team for any home buying.



I absolutely love working with you. It was great, easy procedure. I'm so glad I refinanced and have a fixed rate so I don't have to worry about my rate fluctuating after 5 years. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a mortgage broker. Thank you so much for all your help.


Peijang S

Thank you so much for helping me finance my new house! It is such a pleasure to work with you. You are so knowledgeable and professional in your field. Also, the patience you have really impresses me. My case is a little bit special; however, you do accomplish it through your hard work and efforts. My entire family do appreciate your tremendous help. And I am sure I will come back to you for refinance help down the road, and also I am sure I will refer you to the people around me who are looking for loan services.
To be honest, you are the best loan officer I met so far. Good luck and best wishes to your business!


John C.

I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance throughout my refinance. I spoke to you on Dec 3rd and I closed on Dec 30th. That alone is pretty amazing. You are extremely knowledgeable and upfront and I had no surprises throughout my refinance I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is looking for someone to handle a first time mortgage or refinance. Again thank you for all your help, it was very much appreciated.


Jenna S.

After being in my house for a couple months I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the diligent and professional way you handled my mortgage process. From when I first called you until the closing date, you and your team were responsive daily and proactive in every aspect of getting the deal done. Not to mention you had my closing done in 3 weeks, right before thanksgiving! I can't thank you enough for all of your help. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who is in need of your services.

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