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Vice President of Mortgage Lending

George Ferreira

About George

George Ferreira has been originating loans for the past 17 years. George’s attention to detail and ability to get his clients to the closing table on time is what separates him from the competition and that’s why homeowners, realtors, attorneys, financial planners and CPAs turn to him to come through in the clutch. George’s management style and networking skills have established an unparalleled network of relationships which have allowed his business to grow each year. He is constantly looking for new programs that his clients can utilize to help them achieve both their long term and short-term financial goals.


George Interview Q&A

Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?

I am proud to say I have an extremely diverse client base, most of which have been referred by a previous client or another trusted advisor. What sets me apart from most banker’s is my overall knowledge of the lending guidelines which help my client easily navigate through the mortgage process. First time home buyers, people in transition or a previous client looking to shorten the term of their loan are examples of some of the people we deal with on a daily basis. I am always researching professional publication and investor notices to make sure our clients will have access to everything that is out there in the market.

What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?

The first thing I always do is listen to their needs and provide multiple options based on what they have expressed to me. Then we try to make sure that mortgage financing makes sense in the clients long term financial goals. Finally we continue to educate our clients on new programs and interest moves so they are fully aware of everything that can benefit them.

How long have you been in the mortgage business?

17 years - I got into the business for entrepreneurial nature of the business and having the ability to help and educate.

What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?

The most important thing a client can do is get the paperwork back as soon as possible so in the event something needs to be corrected we have ample time to get them to the closing table. In addition, keeping accurate records of your income and assets are essential for a smooth transaction.

George was kind, answered all my questions, and kept the loan process on time. Excellent service. Balajikannan C
George Ferreira was very professional on handling my case and also very helpful on answering any questions I might have. True professional! Thanks. Rafael R.
As we were in final stages of closing, Happy, excited to move into our new house we got a biggest shock of our lives our mortgage lender, one of the bigger banks, at very last moment denied our mortgage for a pretty foolish reason. At that moment, we were in deepest shock. Fortunately got the contact of George Ferreira and Greenway Mortgage. From the moment I spoke with George, not only he gave us confidence to close on the house but assurance that loan will be closed. After submitting the necessary documents, the whole mortgage team was swift to process necessary documents, get approvals, and get inspections done on the house. In each step, there was a clear communication, expected time given to process certain things, which gave us confidence that things are moving in right direction. In merely seven days, from the first call, we received the approval on loan and in ten days we closed on house. We were really impressed with George and his team. They gave us the same rate what bigger banks were offering, absolutely no difference. The process was extremely smooth and stress free. I would highly recommend George and his team for any home buying. Abhijeet